Can I plug a cisco ip phone into the cisco spa122?

Answer Assuming the ip phone is already configured and working, yes you can put a switch between it and the spa122 acting in it's router capacity, the ip phone would continue to work as it does now. The i... Read More »

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What does Cisco certification stand for?

Cisco certification is a type of credentialing for professionals in the information technology industry. Cisco certification shows that the recipient is an expert in certain products or technologie... Read More »

What does the"PIX"in Cisco Pix Firewall stand for?

The "PIX" in the Cisco PIX firewall product name stands for "Private Internet eXchange." The PIX is a commonly used firewall that also provides dynamic network address translation, VPN capabilities... Read More »

Does anybody know what the cisco guest access password is?

The password is whatever your neighbor put. You can't use his WiFi without his permission anyway (18 USC 1030 makes this a Federal crime).

What is Cisco Systems?

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American electronics manufacturer that, through a series of acquisitions of competitors, has become the world's leading supplier of computer networking products, systems a... Read More »