What does Chinese broccoli taste like?

Answer Its flavor is very similar to that of broccoli, but slightly more bitter. It is also noticeably stronger.

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Why when I make a meal at home why does it not taste the same as from the Chinese take a way?

You not the only one buddy; us Chinese at home cannot replicate Chinese restaurant dishes either. It will be 'close' when religiously following classic recipes but never the same. It is in the fire... Read More »

What does Rösti taste like?

Rösti is crunchy on top and quite soft on the bottom. It tatse quite patatoey and under the thin dry crust is the quite moist center. There may be additional taste if the rösti isn't plane ( for ... Read More »

How to Make Chinese Chicken & Broccoli?

Chicken and broccoli is one of the most beloved items at Chinese restaurants. Wouldn't you love to make it at home? Luckily for you, with just a short amount of preparation combined with a little o... Read More »

What does slop taste like?

If you're referring to the "slop" served on Big Brother reality show, I've heard the houseguests say it tastes like protein-enriched oatmeal and that it wasn't very good.