What does Chevy HHR stand for?

Answer The Chevrolet HHR stands for "Heritage High Roof." The vehicle was designed in a "retro" theme. Some of its styling cues (such as the flared fenders and unique roof line) are based upon the 1949 Ch... Read More »

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What does LT stand for on my Chevy?

The LT designation used on Chevy models is a trim level and stands for "Luxury Touring." The LT is often used to denote a mid-level trim package and can be found on many models, including the 2010 ... Read More »

What does Chevy LS stand for?

LS, LT and LTZ are not initialisms like you would expect. They represent the various Chevy trim levels (accessory packages), LS being the base trim and LTZ being the top tier trim level.Source:Ask ... Read More »

What does HD stand for in a Chevy Silverado?

The "HD" in a Chevy Silverado stands for "Heavy Duty." The Silverado is heavy-duty because of the features that are offered on the trucks. It includes rear dual wheels as an option, different optio... Read More »

What does Z71 stand for on a Chevy truck?

General Motors "Regular Production Options" codes aren't abbreviations or acronyms. These alphanumeric codes simply refer to specific configuration options. Chevrolet designed its Z71 package for o... Read More »