What does Canada give to Europe?

Answer Yes, essentially Short Term DI fills in the gap during the elimination period for LTDI

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Are Nina Ricci cosmetics available at the markets in America, Canada, & Europe?

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What does Air Canada require to fly a puppy from Canada to the US?

On an Air Canada flight from Canada to the United States, you may carry your puppy in its carrier onto the plane provided the carrier can fit under the seat in front of you and weighs 22 lbs. or le... Read More »

What types of technology does Europe have?

With itunes. Plug your iphone into iTunes and sync the songs in your itunes to your iphone.

Can you give me contact information for Paul Revere Disability Insurance in Canada?

The coins are called # Centavos de Lempira meaning # cents of a Lempira. For example a 5 centavos de Lempira coin is measured as 5/100 Lempiras just like the 5 cents of a dollar (nickel) is 5/100 o... Read More »