What does CTS stand for in Cadillac CTS?

Answer While some sources say the Cadillac letter names have no actual meanings, there are accepted interpretations of Cadillac three-letter designations that are considered accurate by most experts and a... Read More »

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What does dts stand for on a cadillac?

DTS is an acronym for the Cadillac DeVille Touring Sedan. While similar in size to the classic Deville models, the newer DTS models contain luxury features such as heated seats and a heated steerin... Read More »

What does"CTS4"stand for in a Cadillac?

The Cadillac CTS4 is the all-wheel-drive version of the CTS sedan. The name "CTS" follows Cadillac's current naming structure (STS, DTS, SRX) which eschews names for letter combinations (except for... Read More »

What Does the BCM Do in My Cadillac?

First introduced on the 1985 C-body Cadillac, the body control module (BCM) has been used on Cadillac systems ever since. The BCM interacts and exchanges information with the powertrain control mod... Read More »

What does a bad O2 sensor do to a Cadillac?

On One Hand: A bad oxygen sensor will increase fuel use.In a Cadillac, as well as any other vehicle with an internal combustion engine, the oxygen sensor plays a critical role in adjusting the air/... Read More »