What does CRT mean in computer processing?

Answer CRT stands for "cathode ray tube," a vacuum tube that was once the standard for computer monitors. CRTs have largely been replaced by space-saving flat-panel LCD displays, but CRT technology is sti... Read More »

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What does processing (or processing unit) mean in computer terms?

What Does Downstream Processing Mean?

Downstream processing refers to the process of separating, distilling and otherwise processing useful pharmaceutical products from raw or natural sources. Many pharmaceuticals are derived from exot... Read More »

What does"auto processing"mean?

Auto processing means a task is being carried out automatically. For example, if you have your computer set to automatically update virus software the updates will be auto processed as updates are ... Read More »

How Does the Memory Cache Speed Up Computer Processing? and Gabriel Torres of explain that both drives and RAM are slower than the CPU of a computer. A cache temporarily stores data so that the CPU can access it at ... Read More »