What does the expression"keystone cops"mean?

Answer The Keystone Kops were characters in a series of silent film shorts produced starting in 1912 by Mack Sennett for the Keystone Film Company, hence their name. They were a collection of bumbling, il... Read More »

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Does every car accident need to be reported to the cops (and given a police report)?

Thr RIGHT thing was to not have let him drive in the first place. The insurance company is not going to pay for the damages anyways since it was alcohol related. The entire episode could have b... Read More »

What is the cops theme song?

The theme song for "Cops," the popular reality television show, is called "Bad Boys." It's performed by the reggae band Inner Circle. Because of the show's exposure, the song has garnered a great d... Read More »

What year did cops first air?

The show "COPS" first aired on March 11th 1989.

What actors have played cops?

Die Hard (1988) …. John McClane Die Hard 2 (1990) …. John McClane The Last Boy Scout (1991) …. Joe Hallenbeck Striking Distance (1993) …. Det. Tom Hardy Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) â€... Read More »