What does COBOL mean?

Answer COBOL is a programming language that stands for Common Business Orientated Language. It was originally developed in 1960. Because of COBOL's ability to efficiently process large amounts of data, ma... Read More »

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History of COBOL?

COBOL, or Common Business-Oriented Language, continues to serve as the backbone for business software programs more than five decades after its creation. This computer programming language allows u... Read More »

What does COBOL stand for in computer language?

The name of the computer language COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) developed the system in 1959. The American National Standards In... Read More »

How to Convert a Date to Unix Timestamp in COBOL?

Most businesses maintain computer systems that pass critical information between different platforms. Mainframe systems support legacy code and large core systems, while smaller client server syste... Read More »

How to Write an Excel File from the COBOL Program?

COBOL, in its eloquence, has many capabilities and versatilities. Among them is the ability to output various file types and structures. You can produce an Excel file from your COBOL program fairly... Read More »

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