What does CE mean on products?

Answer The CE designation indicates compliance with European Union (EU) standards for the manufacturing of consumer goods. According to the European Comission, the CE mark indicates "a product is in confo... Read More »

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What does refurbished products mean?

A refurbished product is one that was sent back to the manufacturer by the retailer to be restored to a like-new condition, after it was returned by a customer who used it. If the product was never... Read More »

What does the first number mean on the bar code of products?

The 11 numbers on the Universal Product Code (also known as a bar code) helps stores keep track of items purchased. The first number on the code gives the product category, such as general grocery,... Read More »

What does the expiration date on food products actually mean ?

It all depends on the food itself, perishables are disposed of, but most of the dates are guideline to sell by or remove from sale, hear in Canada I would say most of the time it is safe to eat mos... Read More »

As a shopper, what does the “certified organic” label on products mean to you?