What does CCM stand for in hockey?

Answer CCM is short for Canada Cycle and Motor Company, a hockey equipment manufacturer. CCM was founded in 1899 in Ontario, Canada. CCM started as a bicycle manufacturer and gradually shifted its focus t... Read More »

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What do the letters CCM stand for in hockey?

The company CCM manufactures hockey skates and other hockey gear. CCM began as Canada Cycle and Motor Company, Limited (CCM) in 1899, but switched from making bicycles to making hockey skates in 19... Read More »

What does the A stand for on hockey jerseys?

The letter "A" stands for alternate captain in the NHL. The alternate captain wears the "A" on the front of his team sweater. The alternate captain fulfill the duties of the team captain when he's... Read More »

What does CCM hockey company stand for?

Hockey equipment manufacturer CCM started out in 1899 as a bicycle parts business known as the Canada Cycle and Motor Co. CCM began manufacturing ice skates in 1905 as the market for bicycles start... Read More »

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