What do you think about Brooke from the B&B?

Answer Yes she's pregnant. dang b*t&h..she will doing anything to wreck Bill and Katie marriage!At first I thought she was going through her menopause but then I was thinking how do you take a test to see... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Brooke?

The name Brooke has a British origin, meaning "brook," or small stream. This in turn derived from the Norman french word "broc," which meant "pitcher." As a surname, Brooke would have signified som... Read More »

B&B~What did Brooke say to Taylor?

She told her that she could have Eric in a heartbeat if she wanted him. And to watch what she said or she would go after him.I knew this was coming lol Brooke and Taylor will soon be fighting over ... Read More »

How to Be Like Brooke White?

Season 7 of American Idol is known as the eye candy season. One of the "eye candies" Brooke White is known as blonde and beautiful. She is very angelic and sweet if you want to be like her then kee... Read More »

B&B Brooke's big medical news?

She must be past menopause in real life. Pathetic really. Why hasn't she got an STD by now though lol?