What does Billy Martin's baby look like?

Answer He has bright blue eyes, a tiny nose, and an oval shaped mouth. He is very cute.

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How old are meaghan martins siblings?

Generally there are only one or two Executors to a Will. Executor (male) or Executrix (female.) It is odd there should be five Executors. An Executor/Executrix has the right to decline to handle th... Read More »

When do purple martins migrate?

Purple martins begin their northern migration anytime between late December and early April. Their southern migration generally starts during the months of July, August, and September and varies de... Read More »

Do purple martins eat insects?

The purple martin, the largest of the American swallows, is what biologists term an "aerial insectivore," according to the Purple Martin Conservation Association website. The bird's diet consists o... Read More »

Where do purple martins go at night?

Like other swallow species, purple martins are most active during the day. At night, purple martins return to their nests, which are built in large hollows. Eastern purple martins nest almost exclu... Read More »