What does Beijing mean in English?

Answer Beijing means northern capital or literally "north capital" in English, according to Beijing is the capital city of the People's Republic of China and is in the northeastern Hebei... Read More »

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Where is there an English-speaking Internet cafe in Beijing?

Qianmen, south from the massive gate to the fake tram street. You'll find a big side street to your right. Go down it and you'll pass some shops and a old style cinema. There are some escalators up... Read More »

What do the lion statues in the Forbidden City, Beijing, mean?

The artifacts and works of art in Beijing's Forbidden City, the imperial palace of Chinese emperors for more than 400 years, include statues of guardian lions. They stand at the entrance of the For... Read More »

What does"que"mean in English?

"Que" is a pronoun in Spanish that translates to a number of English words, including "that," "which," "what," "who" and "than." The popular Spanish phrase, "que pasa?" means "what's new?".Referenc... Read More »

What does "ad hoc" mean in English?

Ad hoc is used in English to mean impromptu, improvised, temporary, something not planned in advance or created for one specific purpose, as in an "ad hoc meeting." The literal translation from Lat... Read More »