What does BTW mean in text language?

Answer BTW is Internet slang for "by the way." However, it also can stand for "back to work," "be that way," "behind the wheel" and "below the waist." In all, Acronym Finder has 42 "verified" definitions ... Read More »

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What does BBC mean in text language?

the spangler.i loved the tune so got it on single!

What does"mean"in math language mean?

Mean is an average in math. To determine the mean, you would add up all the numbers and divide your answer by the total amount of numbers you used. Other common averages in math are the median and ... Read More »

How to Text Your Friend 'Later' in Text Language?

Texting on the phoneThis is how to text your friend 'later' in txt language.Materials needed: is your cellular phone, and some spare time. If your don't know the language of txt then let's proceed ... Read More »

What does KK mean in IM language?

"KK" is another way of saying OK, and the term is often used in instant messaging (IM), texting, chats, emails or other forms of electronic communication. A single "K" is shorthand for OK, so that ... Read More »