What does the television station CNN stand for?

Answer CNN stands for Cable News Network. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. The news network made history when it launched in 1980 as the first station to air news 24 hours a day.References... Read More »

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If I stand too close to the platform edge at the station might I get sucked off ;)?

It depends on the design of the train. If it is a modern European or Japanese high speed train, it is unlikely. If it is a locomotive hauled train of conventional rolling stock moving at high speed... Read More »

What is the nearest metro station near nizamuddin railway station?

Jangpura is the nearest metro station when you leave hazrat nizamuddin station then try to go the OPPOSITE side of sarai kaale khan side.i.e. the main entry and exit of station. and higher the Auto... Read More »

I want to go hajipur station to patna bus stand. want to know about distance and transporting?

The distance of Patna from Hajipur is about 25 KM. When you come outside the Railway station you will found so many Auto Rickshaws who take Rs. 20/- per passenger for Patna. Also if you wish to tra... Read More »

What does a lift station do?

A lift station is a mechanical device that raises sewage high enough so that gravity can conduct the waste material into the sewer. This is desirable when buildings are constructed below the level ... Read More »