What does BC stand for on contacts?

Answer When talking about contact lenses, BC stands for "Basecurve." This term refers to how flat a pair of contact lenses is. It is important to choose the correct BC because if it is the wrong size, the... Read More »

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What does OD stand for in dealing with contacts?

Contact lenses have designations for each eye that can be confusing for some people. For contact lenses, OD means the right eye, OS means the left eye and OU means both eyes.Source:Laser My Eye: OD... Read More »

How to delete Facebook contacts from my phone contacts list ( iPhone 5)?

Go to your iPhone Settings, click on Facebook and below where it says "Allow these Apps to use your account" switch contacts off and then press update all contacts. Go to your contact list and ther... Read More »

How do you transfer iPhone contacts to new a new yahoo account that has no contacts?

How do you sync your facebook contacts photos with your android contacts?

you press share then facebook then you will have to wait three hours maybe try a couple of times then it will be okay