What does BC stand for in the Bible?

Answer "BC" in the Bible---and elsewhere---is a date reference meaning "Before Christ." It refers to events happening before the birth of Jesus Christ. The term Before Common Era, or BCE, has been gaining... Read More »

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What does B.C.& A.D. stand for in the Bible?

In the Western calendar, B.C. stands for "Before Christ" while A.D. stands for "Anno Domini," Latin for "Year of our Lord." Some have adopted the terms B.C.E. signifying "Before the Common Era" and... Read More »

What does"NLT Bible"stand for?

The term "NLT" stands for "New Living Translation," which is one of the many different translations of the Bible. The NLT Bible was written from a contemporary viewpoint to convey the original mea... Read More »

What does BC& AD stand for in the bible?

B.C. and A.D. aren't technically Bible terms, but events in the Bible did inspire their creation. B.C. means before Christ and refers to the historical period before Christ's birth. A.D. stands for... Read More »

Where can I buy a Bible book stand?

Bible book stands can be purchased at fine furniture stores and through design shops that create music stands and book stands.You can also visit a woodworking shop to obtain a simple blueprint and ... Read More »