Does Gina on sesame street Alison BartletOreilly make any live appearences?

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What is the meaning of the name Alison?

The unisex name Alison is Germanic in origin, meaning noble and exalted. According to Think Baby Names, it is a French diminutive form of the name Alice. There are several variant forms of the nam... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Alison?

The girl's name Alison is a French-Norman diminutive of the name Alice. Common in medieval times and revived in popularity in the 20th century, it derives from Old German, meaning "noble" or "exalt... Read More »

What did Alison from Big Brother 9 have an allergic reaction to?

What episodes of Criminal Minds are Dr. Spencer Reid or Mrs Alison Sparks got kidnapped?

In episode 1.6 "L.D.S.K." Reid and Hotch got kidnapped.In episode 1.9 "Derailed." Reid and others got kidnapped.In episode 2.15 "Revelations." Reid got kidnapped by a serial killer Tobias Hankel.In... Read More »