What does African violet represent?

Answer They represent your love for one another.

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What does an African violet seed pod look like?

It looks like a tiny baby green apple, with a long green stem. I'd also compare it to a small green bell pepper looking thing. Its hard to describe, if i were u I'd simply go-ogle search it and hit... Read More »

What does an African violet plant look like?

Please view the related link below by clicking on the link. There are many gorgeous African violet varieties.

What does red represent on African masks?

In most African cultures the African people use masks for various ceremonies and dances. These masks are often painted with different colors, with each color representing a part of the African heri... Read More »

What does the South African flag represent?

The national flag of South Africa features six colors. Although there is no symbolism to the colors, the green "Y" on the flag represents the different factions of South African society going forwa... Read More »