What does Additional insured mean with regard to general liablity?

Answer You are the insured. Your landlord or partner or banker may be the additional insured. They have a financial interest in or liability at stake with whatever it is you are insuring. It does not cost... Read More »

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What is the difference between a named insured and an additional insured on a general liability policy?

Attorneys will often say there is no difference, when it comes to extending coverage for legal liability. However, depending the specific additional form used there might be substanial differences ... Read More »

What does"additional insured"mean?

The term "additional insured" refers to a person who qualifies as "insured" under the terms of a policy even though not named as insured. Additional insured includes a party other than the person i... Read More »

What does LCD mean with regard to televisions and monitors?

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. It is an adnavced technology that improves viewing experience. You can read more about it here:

What does HD ready actually mean with regard to HD standards?

The standards for current broadcast are on 540 scanning lines, which means that the picture is broken into 540 rows, and all 540 are refreshed according to the Hertz rating of the television (usual... Read More »