What is the consequence for going AWOL from a war?

Answer The consequences can be very severe, and you will not be tried in a civilian court under civilian rules. You will be tried by military court and may be incarcerated in military prison.

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What happens when you go awol from army?

They hunt you down and throw you in the brig. That would be the military jail.

Why did Arnold go AWOL from the army?

You would be intercepted by the ones managing the restricted airspace, telling you to land it, if not complied with, you would be escorted out. If still not complied with you will be warned that yo... Read More »

How to Report People Who Are AWOL?

Individuals reported AWOL are fugitives. AWOL stands for absent without leave and is a term used for those who desert their military obligations. The branch of military that the person deserts will... Read More »

What is penalty if you go awol in the army?

the consequences of going awol from the army depend largely upon how long a soldier has been in the military. for instance, one who has not yet completed ait and leaves can likely return to militar... Read More »