What does APR on credit cards mean?

Answer APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It indicates the amount of interest a credit card charges on your account balance each year. To figure your daily interest rate, simply divide your APR by 365... Read More »

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What does transaction fee credit cards mean?

With every swipe of your credit card for purchase of a product, the retailer must pay a transaction fee averaging two percent of the sale price, according to a 2010 Bloomberg Businessweek article. ... Read More »

What does apr variable mean on credit cards?

Credit cards can lead people into financial trouble, especially if they don't understand all the terms when signing up for one. APR is an important term for credit card holders to understand.Identi... Read More »

What does net mean in business credit cards?

Business credit accounts often provide the account holder with the ability to pay with "net" terms, such as Net 30 or Net 90. "Net" simply means the grace period, or number of days an account holde... Read More »

What does variable rate on credit cards mean?

A variable rate on a credit card means that the interest rate tied to the credit card balance is subject to change on a preset basis, based on market conditions. This means that the interest rate c... Read More »