What does GRE test stand for?

Answer GRE stands for "graduate record examination." The GRE is an entrance exam for a number of graduate schools. According to the Electronic Testing Services website, the GRE measures quantitative rea... Read More »

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What does plan test stand for?

The PLAN test is administered to high school students in grade 10.The name of the test refers to the fact that it provides help and guidance for college readiness and college entrance exams. The te... Read More »

What is a comfortable mattress that will stand the test of time?

sleep number mattress or memory foam mattress.

If one year after a one night stand the paternity test results come out what can the woman do to protect full custody of her child if the man lives out of state?

Answer Where the involved parties live is usually not relevant when it pertains to custodial rights. The biological father has a legal right after paternity is established, to file a petition for e... Read More »

What does one line mean for digital pregnancy test The window displays error because of unstandard operation But there is only one blue band on test stick Pregnancy or not?

this normally means that the preancy tester is falty or can not detect an earley preancey my advise is to go and see your doctor or gp and they will be able to find out using their tests