What does 80% effaced mean in pregnancy?

Answer Effacement in pregnancy refers to the process of your cervix preparing for you to deliver your baby. The cervix will begin to stretch out, thin and soften. Eighty percent effaced means your body is... Read More »

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When will you go into labor if you are 90 percent effaced in 1cm dilated and this is your second pregnancy?

It sucks cause you don't know. You gotta have contractions that are under five minutes apart. And the dililation (10cm) too! I am 36 weeks and can barely wait to have this baby. Good Luck with your... Read More »

If you're 3 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced can you expect labor soon if this is your 6th pregnancy?

Answer I certainly would think so! Good luck!!! Answer You may go another week, but labor is likely to be quick when it starts properly so be ready.

You will be 38 weeks tomorrow you are 2-3 centimeters dilated and 60 effaced This is your second pregnancy Any ideas on how to speed things up?

walk around for a while (like a school track), soak in a tub of hot water(as hot as you can stand it), and also, when I had my third child i drank a cup of castor oil with a tbs of lemon juice arou... Read More »

If you are 38 weeks with first pregnancy contractions 3 minutes apart lasting 70 seconds and dilated at a 2 with 80 effaced will labor come soon after having two cervatals?

Answer If your contractions are three min. apart then you probably already are in labor especially if you are already dilated and 80% effaced. If the contractions aren't regular then you aren't in... Read More »