What does the Indian on the police badge stand for?

Answer The Indian image on the police badge represents law enforcement for various Indian reservations throughout the United States. The Indian symbol also represents the type of police officer assigned t... Read More »

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What does AIQ stand for on a police department radio?

The police radio code AIQ stands for Available in Quarters, which means a police unit is back at headquarters and available for a new call. This code also is used by fire departments.Source:ScanOh... Read More »

What does code 2 mean in police talk I heard it on my scanner and I am curious.?

Code 2 Urgent - no light or siren 10-0 Caution10-1 Reception poor10-2 Reception good10-3 Stop transmitting10-4 Message received, understood10-5 Repay message10-6 Change channel10-7 Out of service10... Read More »

What does dc talk stand for?

Christian band DC Talk was formed in 1987 by a group of three friends. The name stands for "Decent Christian Talk," as they are known for spreading a religious message through song and promoting mo... Read More »

What does PNP stand for in computer talk?

"Plug and play" (PNP) is a term used to refer to a technological capability built into many modern computer hardware devices such as printers, keyboards, hard drives and others. To install a plug-... Read More »