What does 51/50 Ratchet mean?

Answer 51/50 Ratchet is the name of the debut album by rap artist Hurricane Chris from Shreveport, Louisiana. The album was released October 23, 2007. 51/50 is an acronym for beginning mentally unbalanced... Read More »

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How to Have the "Old Skool" Ratchet Look While Having Armor On in Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters (PSP)?

This tells you how to look like the classic Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank 1, or Ratchet without armor on while wearing armor, to be strong against enemies. FOR RATCHET AND CLANK SIZE MATTERS ON PS... Read More »

Does a 5150 go on a public record?

A 5150 is a 72-hour psychiatric hold in the state of California. The term 5150 refers to the specific section of California's Welfare and Institutions Code. Because the 5150 is considered a medical... Read More »

What memory can be used in a Dell Inspiron 5150?

The Dell Inspiron 5150 notebook uses PC-3200 (DDR-400) DDR-SDRAM. The Inspiron 5150 has two memory slots supporting two 512 MB memory modules. You can install a maximum of 1 GB RAM in the Inspiron ... Read More »

What is a ratchet wrench?

A ratchet wrench, also known as simply a "ratchet" or a "socket wrench," utilizes an internal ratcheting mechanism that allows the wrench to be spun freely in the direction opposite of intended for... Read More »