What does 512mb ddr memory mean?

Answer When shopping for computers or ther gadgetry, you will encounter a lot of short-hand terminology that describes the internal components of the system. This terminology explains the capabilities of ... Read More »

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Does 512MB or 2GB have more memory?

2 gigabytes (GB) is significantly larger than 512 megabytes (MB). One gigabyte consists of 1,024 megabytes, which means 2GB is four times the size of 512MB. Some manufacturers describe a megabyte a... Read More »

Is 2GB's of memory more than 512MB?

About 4X as much.1 bit = 8 1' & 0sa byte is 10 bitsa kilobyte is 1000 bytesa megabyte is 1000 kilobytesa gigabyte is 1000 megabytesI have a nagging feeling i missed one of the 1000 multiples.

How much storage does a 512mb memory card have?

Laptop memory. what's the advantage of 1Gb over 512Mb?

for most basic computer tasks 512 is fine, but you should buy as much as you can afford as it is worth it. Right now 2 gigs is more than most need unless they are editing video.