What does 5 percent share in residue estate mean?

Answer From my experience The Village at Lovejoy Fountain at 245 SW Lincoln Street is the best property management company in Portland Oregon. Their number is (503) 223-5314. I recently moved out of the... Read More »

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What does it mean to be 60 percent effaced?

Answerit mean that person not in the stage of disease which shows symptoms but he has organisms in body which cause disease. if the number of microorganism is increased 40 percent, it shows symptom... Read More »

What does 30 percent precipitation mean?

According to the Weather Prediction, the percentage of precipitation represents the chance that a given area will receive measurable precipitation at a given time. Thus, an area with a forecast of ... Read More »

What does percent per annum mean?

"Percent per annum" means "a percentage growth or loss for each year." It is a phrase used frequently in financial documents and journalism. An example of usage is "the market grew by 5 percent per... Read More »

What does"favors to share"mean?

"Favors to share" is used colloquially in reference to recreational drugs, especially cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs thought to increase euphoria or heighten the sexual experience. This phrase is... Read More »