What does 4x DVD speed mean?

Answer 4X is a speed rating system for DVD-ROM discs. 4X represents the maximum speed at which the DVD disc can be burned. A 4X DVD disc, for example, could be recorded at speeds of 1X, 2X and 4X only.Sou... Read More »

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What does 16X DVD speed mean?

A 16X DVD speed is the rating given to the DVD burner based on how fast it can read and write DVDs. Burners rated at 16X can transfer 21.13 MB of data per second.References:Optical Storage Associat... Read More »

What does 6 speed mean?

The term 6-speed is a reference to a vehicle transmission that has six available gear ratios, sometimes called gears or speeds. Having access to multiple gear ratios means the vehicle can use simil... Read More »

What does 3G speed mean?

3G speed refers to the network speed of a cellular connection. 3G is used by most cellular providers and is primarily used for data transfer.HistoryThe 3G standard was released in 2001 as the succe... Read More »

What does 5-speed mean?

Five-speed represents the number of forward gears in a vehicle's transmission. In addition to five forward gears, a transmission has one reverse gear. With an automatic transmission, gears shift au... Read More »