What does 420 friendly mean at craigslist?

Answer usually 420 means time to smoke weed... its a pothead pretty sure it's weed related....see below this is interestingWhat does 420 mean? There are varying theories on the origin of 420. So... Read More »

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How to Structure User Friendly, Search Friendly Urls?

URL is the short form for Uniform resource locator which was formerly called Universal resource locator. Each file on the internet is located by means of URL. Every URL should be unique. While most... Read More »

What does ISO mean on Craigslist?

"ISO," a common acronym in Craigslist ads, means "in search of." ISO can also mean "is seeking only." Other popular acronyms on Craigslist include "SO" ("significant other"), "LTR" ("long-term rela... Read More »

How to Buy on Craigslist?

Have you considered Craigslist, a widely used classified-ad web page containing local postings for your individual area throughout the world? It is mostly first come first served with "cash in hand... Read More »

Craigslist Help Please?

If you plan on selling lots of items, switch to ebay. Yes, the fees suck. They pretty much find a way to charge you for every little thing (posting fee, buy it now fee, pictures, etc. etc.) Then th... Read More »