What does 3x mean in algebra?

Answer In algebra 3x means 3 times the variable x, where x is an unknown quantity. The variable x can take on a value, in which case you can evaluate the expression. For example, if x = 2 then 3x = 6, or ... Read More »

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What does fx mean in algebra?

The algebraic symbol f(x) stands for function of x. It is simply a different way of notating an algebra equation. Typically, the symbol "y" is used to notate f(x) in algebra, but either can be used... Read More »

What does"adjacent"mean in Algebra 2?

Algebra 2 coursework uses the word "adjacent" in introductory trigonometry problems that deal with cosine and tangent. "Adjacent" refers to the side of a right triangle that connects to the angle y... Read More »

What does sine mean in Algebra 2?

"Sine" is a trigonometric function, and Algebra 2 uses it in problems that deal with right triangles. Sine refers to the ratio between the length of the side opposite a specific non-right angle of ... Read More »

What does flip sin mean in Algebra 2?

While sin refers to the ratio between the length of the side opposite a non-right angle in a right triangle and the length of the hypotenuse, "flip sin" describes the reciprocal ratio--that of the ... Read More »