What does 3d ready mean for blu-ray players?

Answer "Yes, online tech support is available for help with most blu-ray players. You should go to the official website of the brand your blu-ray player is and look for tech support or a way to contact th... Read More »

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Can an iPod-ready car player play other MP3 players?

Almost all iPod-ready car stereos will work with other MP3 players. However, be sure to read the specifications and reviews of any iPod-ready stereo you consider, because while some may allow liste... Read More »

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What is the advantage of a blue ray disc players over regular dvd players?

Well, the "Advantage" is simple: Blu-Ray discs are capable of holding more data, thusly they are capable of producing a better image on-screen. What does this mean? Well, your average single-laye... Read More »