What does 3G on phones mean?

Answer It's either compatibile with International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 (IMT-2000 or 3G) and/or the phone is the third generation of it's model.

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What Does ghz in Phones Mean?

GHz is an abbreviation for gigahertz. Gigahertz represents a unit of measurement for cell phone frequencies. A gigahertz equals 1,000,000,000 Hz. Computer processors also use gigahertz as a unit of... Read More »

What does GMS in cell phones mean?

In the mobile phone industry, GSM is the abbreviation for Global System for Mobile Communication network technology. Originally, it stood for Group Special Mobile, but the name later changed to kee... Read More »

What does PCS mean on cell phones?

Cellular phones allow us to communicate with one another in so many different ways. The ability to have this service depends on networks built to provide them. PCS is a prime example of an importan... Read More »

What does GHz mean for cordless phones?

The abbreviation GHz stands for gigahertz. In the case of cordless phones, gigahertz is the power of the radio signal that connects the phone's handset to its base. The higher the GHz of a cordless... Read More »