What does <3 mean on facebook when ppl say it ?

Answer if you look sideways its meant to look like a heart :)...............

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What does it mean when a girl request me on Facebook?

Your question and it's details are a bit vague. It's really hard to tell what it means when she adds you on Facebook, she may or may not like you. You never really know, Facebook may have listed yo... Read More »

On Facebook chat, what does it mean when someone is idle?

they haven't signed out but they have not made any movement on teh site for a while.Like on MSN when it says away

What does it mean when someone is "idle" on facebook chat?

It means they are connected, and they have not set their status to something else (such as "away," "sleeping," etc.), but they have not touched their keyboard or mouse in a while, like 10 minutes. ... Read More »

When you create a group on Facebook, what does it mean to "appoint an administrator"?

It means if you appoint me, I had better learn Italian at the very least. (-;I also think it means you appoint someone to have control over your group.