What does it mean if I have 20/30 vision?

Answer My eye doctor told me that my son has 20/30 vision, because of an astigmatism. You need glasses.

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What does it mean when you have 20\20 vision?

Wow. 20/20 is absolutely perfect vision. Your left eye is a little weaker but almost perfect. Thats really impressive by the way. You have really good vision.

What does it mean to be seeing flashing lights in vision?

First, do you get headaches soon after this happens? It could be a migraine.Second, do you notice these when you are especially dehydrated or tired? It could be an ocular migraine.Last, since the o... Read More »

Double vision that "goes away" when I look through a pinhole. What does this mean?

Because of the laws of physics, when you look at something through a small hole, it gets rid of a lot of the blur. So, chances are, your vision could be fixed with glasses or contacts. From your de... Read More »

Eye exersises gave me 20/20 vision does that mean eye doctors are not tellling the public the truth?

Congratulations. Great job. I would love to interview you for a case history. I am trying to keep good documentation of my students successes and even those who are not my students. I especially li... Read More »