Does plus he plus have plus siblings?

Answer (21)3 -(19)3 (21)2+(19)2+(399)

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Tampon math! How many light flow tampons would have to be inserted at once to equal a Super Absorbency Plus?

It depends on how many you can fit up there. And seeing as I know you've been ridden more times than Seattle Slew, one light tamp is like throwing a Q-tip down a hallway. Jam them all up there an... Read More »

How do you connect a sound system plus direct TV plus VCR plus big screen TV?

What does 1 tsp equal?

1 tsp is roughly equal to 5 ml

How does a girl squirt What does it look like How much can they is it really equal to orgasm?

I think some women can and some can't, and that it mainly only happens at orgasm. It's a clear liquid and the volume varies just as it does when a guy shoots. It can be enough to require towels or ... Read More »