What does 18k plat stand for on a ring?

Answer 18k plat is an abbreviation signifying the type of metal a ring is made of. 18k plat means that the ring is 18k gold with platinum plating. 18k refers to 18 karat gold, which is composed of 18 part... Read More »

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Is there a little stand you can get for a plat panel tv?

i was googling and found it on the following sites :…

What does a Claddagh ring stand for?

The Irish Claddagh ring features a heart held by two hands and wearing a crown. The heart symbolizes love, while the hands symbolize friendship and the crown communicates loyalty. If the ring is wo... Read More »

What Does DMR Stand for on a Gold Ring?

Gold rings branded with the initials D.M.R. are products of the David M. Robinson Fine Jewelry & Watches. A goldsmith of great distinction, David M. Robinson is a winner of the deBeers Diamonds Int... Read More »

What does the g stand for on the masonic ring?

Some Masons associate the "G" on the Masonic ring with "God." Critics of Freemasonry claim that the "G" stands for "generative principle." However, the word "geometry" begins with "G" in a broad sp... Read More »