What does 1080 i refer to?

Answer 1080 vertical lines of resolution, but the i stands for interlaced, as opposed to p which stands for progressive. The difference is that interlaced updates odd lines, then even lines alternately. ... Read More »

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How to 1080 on a BMX?

The 1080 is for the people who love spinning on a bike. Before you try such a big spin, get the basics down first. This article will give you some tips on a huge spin that will probably get you spo... Read More »

720 Vs. 1080 TVs?

High-definition televisions are available in three primary resolutions: 720p,1080i and 1080p. Understanding the differences between each type of resolution will allow you to make the best decision ... Read More »

Who did the first 1080?

How do you change 480 to 1080?

480 refers to standard definition television signals in North America and it the number of lines that make up the image. (In Europe, 576 lines is the standard definition resolution). 1080 is the n... Read More »