What does 1000 monkeys landed on shecamt's keyboard mean.?

Answer It means someone, in this case you, is typing a message... ;-)There are several other messages like: is about to drop knowledge.Bate ur breath, for is typingThe muse has just stuck I hope you're s... Read More »

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How to Play the Roland JV-1000 Keyboard?

The Roland JV-1000 is a combination of the classic JV-80 synth with the addition of a eight-part sequencer. Its "Voice Expanders" also made the keyboard sonically expandable, with a number of sound... Read More »

Who is landed on Mars?

No person has ever landed on Mars. The only body outside of earth on which people ever landed is the moon. The last time that happened was 38 years ago. Mars is 180 times farther away. No manne... Read More »

A fly landed on my hand!!!?

If you didn't use sani-wipes all the time, your immune system would be able to handle flies, common germs, and digging in the dirt. Because you do, your immune system is weak. Doctors stay in ... Read More »

How do you say the big bird has landed?