What does 100.0 Mbps mean?

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1000 mbps connection speed?

Your router and internet are two different probably have a gigabyte router which means you can transfer files between computers on your network at 1gb per second which is still a lie b... Read More »

What does Mbps mean?

Mbps is a term used to measure the speed of online data transfer. The "bps" stands for "bits per second," while the letter in front refers to the quantity. Mbps means million bits per second. If ... Read More »

In regards to internet, what does Kbps and Mbps mean?

Kilobits per second and Megabits per second. If calculating download speed, remember there are 8 bit in 1 byte of file size.

What does 1000 CE mean?

The term "1000 CE" is another way of referring to the year AD 1000. "CE" stands for Common Era. This naming convention was primarily used by Jews who preferred to avoid using the term "AD," which m... Read More »