What does 100% seeded mean?

Answer Once your computer has completely finished downloading a torrent, or file from the Internet, it automatically begins seeding. During this process, the file is open for others to download. It typica... Read More »

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What year did all of the number-one-seeded teams make it to the Final Four in the NCAA?

2008 was the first and, as of 2010, the only time that all number one seeds of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament made it to the Final Four. The 2008 Final Four featured the University of Kansas,... Read More »

Types of Non-Seeded Plants?

The main difference between seed and non-seed plants is with the reproduction process. Non-seed plants generate spores rather than seeds to aid in reproduction, according to Nature Grid, a horticul... Read More »

New Seeded Lawn Care Tips?

Nothing provides a warm welcome like a new seeded lawn. Success with grass seed relies heavily on seedbed preparation. Without proper seedbed preparation, the seed fails to germinate or produces po... Read More »

How to Not Get Seeded on Animal Crossing Wild World?

Have you ever heard of being seeded? It's when someone grows something in front of an important building and you cant get in it anymore. Which makes you rebuild your town. Well, read on to find out... Read More »