What does 100% juice from concentrate mean?

Answer When manufacturers make juice from concentrate, it means producers have extracted most of the water from the juice for shipping purposes, and manufacturers add the water back into the product befor... Read More »

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What does it mean when juice is not from concentrate?

When a juice is not from concentrate, it has been squeezed from the fruit and then pasteurized and packaged without having any of its water removed. A concentrate is juice that has water removed fr... Read More »

How is water removed from juice concentrate?

Frozen juice concentrate has been around since the 1940s. It is made from freshly-squeezed juice that has been heat-pasteurized. The juice then goes through several processes to remove water for lo... Read More »

What is clarified lemon juice concentrate?

Clarified lemon juice concentrate is lemon juice that has undergone processing to remove excess water, making a stronger flavored product. It has also been filtered to remove excess membranes and o... Read More »

Apple juice concentrate, expired?

Fermented won't hurt you big time, tho some cramps may happen. Don't drink any more, eat something to absorb it in you stomach like bread and see what happens.