What does 0 APR mean when buying a car?

Answer Zero percent annual percentage rate (APR) means you will not pay any interest on the car loan. Instead, you will only pay the price of the car. Understand all the issues with a zero percent deal. Y... Read More »

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What does FWD mean when buying a car?

The acronym FWD means "front-wheel drive." According to Edmunds, "FWD cars now account for approximately 70 percent of new car offerings." Additionally, a FWD car will generally be less expensive t... Read More »

What does it mean when it says classic when buying memory cards for a digital camera?

What does MSRP mean when buying a new car?

MSRP is an abbreviation for the phrase "manufacturer's suggested retail price." This is the sale price that the manufacturer recommends to the dealers that are selling the car. It helps set a stand... Read More »

What does MSRP mean when buying a car?

MSRP stands for manufacturer's suggested retail price, and is the factory "list price" for new items, such as automobiles, appliances and electronics. This amount reflects an undisclosed markup--or... Read More »