What does ' @ somebody ' mean in facebook ?

Answer no,it means they are included in your comment and they can check it if they want to.

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What does it mean when you call somebody and their answering machine picks up after 2 rings?

hmmmmm, I guess they don't wanna talk to you!!!! I have set mine up 2 if I call and check my voice mail...I don't have to pay!

What to do about somebody stalking me on facebook?

Ignore him and keep blocking him. If he's making actual threats against you, you could report him on facebook or even get the police involved.You can setup your facebook so that you are hidden to p... Read More »

Survey; What if somebody launched a "Facebook Answers"?

G'Day Mate You KNOW me .lolI already use my FB as a Q & A site & its a blast .You can say anything you like on my page & NEVER get deleted Think " Middle Names " lolavag'dayluv D :)

What does it mean when a baby cries when somebody caries them?

The baby is going through stranger anxiety. Children around this age can become very clingy and anxious around other strangers. Alternatively, the baby may be hungry, sick, dirty, or tired and need... Read More »