What doctors take medicaid in melbourne FL?

Answer You will find that fewer and fewer doctors will accept any welfare patients, and those that do very few are accepting new welfare patients. You'll need to contact your caseworker for assistance, or... Read More »

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Looking for doctors in Greenville, SC that accept Medicaid & specialize in dealing w/ patients with Lupus?

Call your local hospital physician help, and ask for a referral.

What are some things I need to take note of when travelling to Yarra Valley, Melbourne?

Rent a car. It will save a lot of hassle plus it will allow you to wander around easily. That area is known for good living, good food and great wines. Your parents will love it there. There are ma... Read More »

Do states take life insurance if you have Medicaid?

Medicaid is a federally- and state-funded, state-operated health insurance program for low-income elderly, disabled, pregnant women and children. Medicaid requires meeting specific income and resou... Read More »

How much do taxes& Medicaid take from my paycheck?

The amount of taxes taken from your paycheck depends on how many deductions you claim and how much money you earn. Money for Medicaid is not taken out of your paycheck. Self-employed people must pa... Read More »