What doc format can a mac open?

Answer Apple Inc.'s Macintosh computers are known for their quality and security as well as creative options. Most businesses and schools, however, use Windows-based PCs. In the past, that caused issues w... Read More »

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How to Open an Ebook in ISO Format?

When you download an Ebook in ISO format, you aren't downloading a file type that can be opened and viewed by normal means. An ISO file is actually an image of a CD or DVD that has been duplicated ... Read More »

How can i open a file with PVR format?

Surely a .PVR is texture media file for Sega?What about videoredo? torrent it at…

How do you open camera raw format in photoshop cs8?

Answer As far as I know, the latest is CS5 - there is no CS8 yet! If you mean Photoshop 8, then I have some bad news - the latest camera raw plugin is only compatible with CS5. Older versions of ph... Read More »

How to open djvu format file?

Djvu is an open source alternative to pdf format. You can find all the information you need as well as a viewer at