What do zebra finches eat?

Answer Zebra finches eat a varied diet, including seeds, greens, vegetables, fruit and calcium sources such as cuttle bone, seashells or chicken eggshells. Millet is the zebra finch's favorite type of see... Read More »

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Can I house zebra finches& spice finches in the same cage?

Finches have individual personalities. While zebra finches are generally too aggressive to live peaceably with spice finches, some unusually docile individuals will adapt to the interspecies relati... Read More »

How to Raise Zebra Finches?

Zebra Finches are fun, social birds that love chirping and singing.Zebra finches are fun, easy pets to look after, and are probably the least scary of the finches besides Society Finches or Nuns. T... Read More »

How to Breed Zebra Finches?

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Can zebra finches be tamed?

Avian enthusiasts domesticate and breed zebra finches. Those who keep, tame and take care of zebra finches raise the birds in either cages or aviaries. Cages can be either indoors or outdoors, howe... Read More »