What should I do a bout a cigarette burn?

Answer 1) quit smoking or stay away from those who do.2) leave them be for a day and then put some Neosporin on them.I wish you well.

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Have you watch the l iron man 3 what can you say 'bout the movie?

What does the saying"how bout them apples"mean?

The saying, "how bout them apples" means "What do you think of that?" It is usually used to express excitement or admiration, and it has nothing to do with apples.References:The Free Dictionary: Ho... Read More »

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One definition of flu is that if someone said there was a £20 note stuck on your front door you would lie in bed and say 'Oh yeah' rather than go and get it.Rest, paracetamol to cope with the ache... Read More »

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I guess you have been eating too much animal flesh. (any amount of meat can screw you up internally)God doesn't like it when you eat his pets.***Stop eating meat before eating fresh fruit or veget... Read More »