What do your call your sibling's grandchild?

Answer Though living in a big family has it's many advantages, there are a few disadvantages as well.1. everyone has to share with everyone else2. there is little or no privacy3. siblings usually find out... Read More »

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How to Help Your Eldest Grandchild Cope With New Siblings?

After being king or queen of their domain, the arrival of a new sibling can really upset a child. Fortunately, as a grandparent, you can make a really helpful contribution to supporting your child ... Read More »

What is your first cousin's grandchild to your grandchild?

Your first cousin's grandchild and your grandchild are third cousins.

What relation is your cousin's grandchild to your child?

Your first cousin's child and your child are second cosins.Your first cousin's grandshild and your child are second cousins, once removed.Your second cousin's child and your child are third cousins... Read More »

Why don't you have any rights to your grandchild if your daughter is 14 and you support her 8-month-old baby?

AnswerWell leagally your daughter is your responsibility untll she is 18 so, I guess it works the same but if you support your daughters kid then you basically do have the rights don't you? Answer... Read More »