What do you wear when you exercise?

Answer On One Hand: Layering Is ImportantAccording to About Aerobics, the key to an exercise wardrobe is layering. You may get hot as you work out, and then get chills as you leave the gym or if the tempe... Read More »

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Should you wear a body suit when you exercise?

On One Hand: Fashion, flexible and funBody suits come in a variety of colors, styles and materials. With a sarong tied around the waist, they can be worn to the gym, to the grocery store or out to ... Read More »

I wear a size 15 shoe at 12 years old is that normal what do you think I'll wear when I get older?

well that is ab- normal but dont worry your shoe size will most likely not get much bigger as you grow older the most reasonable explination for this is that your feet have grown faster than your b... Read More »

Switzerland: can I wear ski pants (the exercise ones) as thermal underwear?

I feel dizzy when i stand up and also when i exercise?

Possibly low blood sugar, possibly low blood pressure, possibly an ear infection. Any of which could be "left overs" from your recent illness. Maybe take a banana to training and eat that as soon a... Read More »